Scotland Road Trip Part 3 – Fort George Special!

So Part 2 was pretty long and we have a lot to say about ‘Fort George’ so we decided to do a separate post about it! You can check out our Vlog too, over on YouTube.

What a place! We weren’t sure about how good it would be for the kids at first, but we were pleasantly surprised! We were greeted by helpful and friendly staff as we went in to pay. We were given audio tours for everyone, which the kids were super excited about! They loved that they each had a set of headphones and their own “phone”!! Haha I love that something some might see as an ever day thing, or nothing special or exciting, was something really exciting to them!

Fort George. Audio tour. 4 Freckled Faces

Once we had all the kids set up with their audio tours and they knew what they needed to do, we set off over the bridge and began the tour. It was so fun to walk around! The kids (and Dave!) loved listening to all the history of it and being able to try on some of the clothes….


On the day we were there, there was a photo shoot happening!


The kids really liked seeing all of the soldiers there in their uniform, working. They live and work there!  There was a live demonstration in Grand Magazine where you were shown different uniforms from over the years and told about the history. Unfortunately freckled face number 4 wasn’t up for sitting and listening, so I didn’t get to hear much of it because I took her outside.

After the demonstration had finished we headed up to the top. We had been told that dolphins had been spotted earlier that day. So as well as hearing all of the interesting history and facts, and seeing all the canons, etc…..we were hoping to see dolphins too! AND WE DID! Unfortunately we didn’t get any decent pictures, so head over to our YouTube channel to see what we saw!


After we had finished at Fort George we headed back to the caravan. We had dinner at the restaurant onsite, which was nice and reasonably priced. They also had a good range of choice on the menu for kids and adults. We then went back to the caravan for a bit and got wrapped up warm ready for our night time fun on the beach! Whenever we go away we take glow sticks with us. The kids can have them if we go dancing, we make pictures or write words with them and we take them out for a bit of fun in the dark. This time we went for a walk to the beach and then played ‘hide and seek’ in the little sand dune bits. It was lots of fun!


We all slept well that night!

Thanks for reading! Have you ever been to Fort George? Let us know in the comments what you thought of it!

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