Freckled Face Friday – Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

Freckled Face Friday – Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

It's freckled face number two I am going to tell you about the Christmas tree we made. We did it on the first Monday in December, like we always do, now I think it is looking great. I really enjoyed decorating our Christmas tree in our play room! We were in our elf pyjamas it [...]


Favourite Family Christmas Films

Favourite Family Christmas Films

Hi everyone! We (the 4 Freckled Faces) wanted to share some of our favourite Christmas films with you! We are SO excited that it is Christmas soon!!!! Here are some of the films we like to watch around Christmas time. Nativity This film is SO funny! We wish we had a helper like Mr Poppy! [...]

Freckled Face Friday – Geography

Hi everyone! I am Freckled Face number 1! Yay! I'm the oldest! I wanted to write about Geography. All About Geography Geography is really interesting for me because I like to find out about countries. Geography is about the world and countries. I find countries very interesting and every day I test myself on where [...]

Introducing Freckled Face Friday!

Over that past few weeks we have been trying to organise this blog and our blogging time. It's been....interesting! We have decided that on Fridays the post will be from one of Freckled Faces. We bring to you 'FRECKLED FACE FRIDAYS'! Myself and Dave would like to apologise now for any craziness that may follow [...]

Kidlo Learning Apps Review

A few months ago we were asked to trial and review 3 Kidlo Learning Apps; Kidlo Coding, Kidloland, Kindergarten Math. I was eager to see what they were like. I'm not a huge fan of the Freckled Faces having too much time on the tablet, but I'm not going to deny that them having a [...]

Only went in for one thing….

For those of you who didn't see on our social media yesterday.....this happened... Ever happen to you?? Unfortunately it happens to me too often! Anyway, freckled faces numbers 2 and 3 wanted to take a look and see what I got....and they wanted to do a video! You can take a look at it on [...]

How to make a Friendship Bracelet! (By a 5yr old!)

Hello!  I am freckled face number 2! I made a friendship braislet  with Mum today  and  I  wanted to show  you how we did it. Rule 1 - cut the string long enuf to go around your wrist two times. Rule 2 - you  nead three peesis of string  to make a little plat. Tie [...]