Mental Health Day – Looking After your Mental Health

October 10th is Mental Health Day. Mental Health is something we all need to be aware of and work on. You may feel like you have not had any mental health illnesses or issues, but whether we have or not; we all need to look after our mental health, and help look after and encourage other’s too.

I found this image online and loved it!

Mental Health Day. A poster with suggestions on how to look after your Mental Health. 4 Freckled Faces.

I think all these points are very important! They help us to look after our own mental health and to help others with theirs too. We are going to do our best to so all of these every day. We put it on Instagram and set some challenges to our followers.  We extend the challenge to you too! Here they are:

Screenshot_20181010-184853_Pages Manager.jpg

We thought this was a good start on helping our mental health, and hopefully not too much for people to do.

As I am writing this, I am getting my 15…..45 minute exercise walking around a track while Freckled Face number 1 is doing his athletics training! I am feeling good! I’m not doing anything too strenuous, but it’s helping me to feel good!

We try to encourage our kids to try and explain how they feel, and if they can’t do that then ask us for a hug or tell us that they need some time to chill. When we put them to bed, I will sometimes ask them to think of 3 things they liked about today or 3 things that made them happy. This is not only good for them to focus on the good, but it is nice to hear what makes them happy and feel good.

We also try to encourage thinking of others and being kind and helpful to others. This helps our mental health and helps others too. Win win!


I’ll stop rambling on now! We hope you accept our challenge and that you feel improvements as you do the things listed above!

Be kind to yourself, and to others!


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