Visit to Wheelock Hall Farm

With the older 3 Freckled Faces all being in full time education now, me and number 4 have more time during the day to play….work, I meant work….hard….


A few weeks ago we decided to ditch the housework and all our other responsibilities and have a play date with some friends at the farm! We did a little vlog of what we got up to. You can take a look on our YouTube Channel. We haven’t been to Wheelock Farm for a long time. It used to be a nice little cheap place to visit…..but then the prices kept jumping up. Now in fairness, they have built more play areas as the prices have gone up, but it’s no longer a cheap little trip out for us!


It costs £5.50 per child. You don’t pay for adults, which is good.

It might be because I remember the price being £2 per child, but I think it’s a little too pricey personally. We went with some friends who have a 1yr old and 3yr old. We were very surprised that she had to pay £5.50 for her 1yr old! I think under 3’s should be cheaper…or bring it down to £4 per child.

They have a cafe and a farm shop too (which we didn’t go in, as we heard 3 people coming out and complaining about how rude “she” was and one suggested that we didn’t go in there! So we didn’t! That’s not what we were there for anyway, we just wanted to see farm animals and play.).



Freckled Face number 4 was happy to see Rabbits just before you go in and then Goats, Chickens, Ducks, Ponies and Sheep. She could hear cows, but unfortunately couldn’t see them. They were in the barn and you aren’t allowed in anymore. You used to be able to go in and see the calfs/cows and pigs, but it was closed off unfortunately. She enjoyed feeding the goats though (check it out on the Vlog!).


The play areas are great! They have 2 outdoor play areas, go karts, small ride on tractors, swings, a maize maze and an indoor soft play area! Unfortunately we didn’t have time to do the maze, but we enjoyed the rest of the play areas! They have been well thought out and executed! There is play equipment for all ages and abilities. A very good variety too. The soft play area is lovely and colourful and has been kept in the farm theme; with a tractor, a cow, a horse peering through the barn door, etc. It’s a great area and has picnic benches too.

All in all, once I had put the price out of my head, we had a lovely time! Watch our Vlog to get more of an idea.

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