Favourite Family Christmas Films

Hi everyone! We (the 4 Freckled Faces) wanted to share some of our favourite Christmas films with you! We are SO excited that it is Christmas soon!!!! Here are some of the films we like to watch around Christmas time.



This film is SO funny! We wish we had a helper like Mr Poppy! All of our family really like this one.

Arthur Christmas 


This one is great! Arthur Christmas really cares about Christmas and about all the children. He will do anything to make sure all children get the gifts from Santa!

Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas


This is mainly for the younger 2 but we all sit and watch it sometimes. There are some really funny bits.

Polar Express


We like the songs on this one. There are a couple of bits on this film that freckled face number 4 doesn’t really like because she says they’re scary or “wary” hahaha. There are some funny times and

The Santa Clause


This film helps to understand Santa and how he gets in to people’s houses and he gets everything done! There are lots of funny parts in this film too!

Home Alone


We laugh a lot at this one! Kevin (the boy) is very clever and funny. His family goes away on holiday to france and leave him at home. He sets lots of traps and hurts the bad guys that are trying to steal things from their house.

The Snowman and The Snow Dog


We really like this film. There’s no talking but, it’s a really nice film. It’s fun when all the snow people get together and have a party with Father Christmas!

The Grinch


The Grinch is a really funny character. He makes us laugh! Freckled Face number 3 did get a little bit scared when the Grinch’s heart started beating because she thought it was really hurting him. We all got sad when the kids weren’t being nice to the kid Grinch. Most of the film is funny though!

Do you like these films?

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