2 Must Have Christmas Books for Kids!

We love a good Christmas book! The kids get a new one (….or two or three….or more….don’t judge me!) every year. Recently we were asked to review 2 Christmas Books from Owlet Press. The kids were so excited, as was I! Here’s what we thought of them.



This book has such a lovely storyline in which the children ask Santa what he wishes for. It got us feeling Christmassy. It is very well written and entices you into the story straight away. ‘A special Christmas Eve rhyming adventure’, we are currently trying to teach freckled face number 3 about rhyming, so this was perfect and we were able to point out the rhymes to her. The illustrations are cute and fun and add to the adventure that you’re taken on (did that rhyme?? Haha I must be focusing a bit too much on teaching her about rhyming!).

Thumbs up all around for this one! The message you come away with is what it’s all about!



This is a nice and fun modern Christmas story. It touches on family, the madness of rushing around, loss of a loved one and autism and what Christmas is really all about. It was good to be able to discuss with our little Freckled Faces these important points, and in a light way that they understand too.

Again, the animation is fun and the meaningful messages stick with you. It gets you feeling what Christmas is really all about.

Thumbs up all around for this one too!

Take a look at our YouTube Channel to see the Video we made for them!

Click here to check out Owlet Press books!

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