4 Surefire Ways To Make People Smile!

"Girl smiling through play teetpee window" "smile" "happy" "4FreckledFaces" "be happy" "

One of our favourite things to do is make people smile. Whether we know them or not! It makes us smile and feel happy when we have done something to make someone smile. We thought we would share a few things with you that we do to make others smile.

1. Smile at them

I know what you’re thinking – Genius! Am I right?? I know simple but effective. In all our millions of times of doing this we have only ever come across one woman who hasn’t smiled back…..so maybe this isn’t a 100% “surefire” way, but the chances are still very high! It doesn’ cost anything, doesn’t take lots of time…..and unless you’re feeling pretty grumpy it doesn’t take a lot of effort either!

"Girl smiling through play teetpee window" "smile" "happy" "4FreckledFaces" "be happy" "

2. Surprise them with food

Who doesn’t love food?? We like to bake or on occasion, if we get chance, making dinner for someone (or a family) goes down a treat! If we’re running really low on time (which is more often than not lately) then we buy something to give to someone. One time we were getting fish and chips on by a harbour and we bought a guy on the street some too. His face when the kids have it too him, and their faces too….I will never forget! We have had people bring us a meal or treats, and it still brings smiles to our faces when we think about it now!

3. Give themย Service/Time

Walking by and spot someone struggling with carry their shopping to the car? Help them! Know someone that could use some help with their garden? Help them! Someone could do with a door opening? Open it! You get the picture. Some acts of service are more time consuming, and some are easier without kids in tow! I honestly don’t believe that there is one day that goes by where we can’t help someone else. We had someone deliver something to our house once and the delivery guy seemed a bit sad. I asked him if he was ok. He then went on to tell me some very sad things in his life and that he was feeling lonely. We talked for a little while and me and the kids were able to cheer him up a bit.

4.ย Kids in Costume!

After I had dropped the older 3 freckled faces off at school and nursery this morning, freckled face number 4 and I popped to the shops. She insisted on wearing this….

"Toddler in witches costume" "make people smile" "be happy" "happy" "4FreckledFaces" "smile"

Yep, a witches Costume! Turns out she turned to a witch later that afternoon! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I lost count of how many people said “awww look at her!” “Oh wow! Pretty dress!” “Well, that has made my day!” and such like! All said with HUGE smiles on their faces. There were plenty who gave us a big smile without speaking too.

Who doesn’t like to smile? If I haven’t made at least one person smile each day, I feel as though I’ve failed!

Is there anything you enjoy doing to make others Smile? Let me know in the comments! We always love a bit of inspiration and new ideas!

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