Presents for a 2 year old

If you follow our Instagram and Facebook pages you’ll know that we have just celebrated the youngest freckled face’s birthday! I really struggled with what to get her! We are fortunate enough to have lots of toys and games to play with. I didn’t want more things in the house helping to clutter it up, you know? Like, toys and teddies that are hardly played with, puzzles with pieces missing (that you keeping holding on to just in case you find the pieces!), kids, etc 😉 After a good long think and hours of searching, I found a few things that I thought she might like and that might be a bit different and I wouldn’t mind having around! I thought I’d share our top 3 gift ideas from our search. Click the links to take a look at the item.

"White canvas Teepee play tent" - "birthday present". "Toddler birthday gift". "Kids birthday present ideas" - "4 Freckled Faces"

A Teepee Play Tent

This is one of the presents we ended up buying her. She (and the other 3) absolutely loved it! It has been played with lots already! I wanted to make one, but unfortunately just didn’t find the time. I looked at quite a few Teepees but settled on one from Tesco Direct as it was the closet thing to what I wanted and it was on special offer! I plan on decorating it a little. So far it has been used to sit and read, play dolls, have a picnic and pretend to sleep in it. Pretty chuffed with with choice!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Bath Toys

How cute!? These are adorable! I really wanted this set as we love The Very Hungry Caterpillar, but unfortunately we have far too many bath toys as it is! I’m keeping my eyes on it for when I “accidentally” throw some of the bath toys away when they start to get old and gross!

Chad Valley Pirate Ship

I usually don’t like inflatables, but my husband suggested it and the kids have had a lot of fun with this! It can be used as a ball pool or a paddling pool. The only thing I wasn’t happy about was having to blow it all up because I couldn’t find out pump! Doh!

A few little gifts that went down well were bubbles, a small mermaid toy, an etch a sketch and of course sweets!

Have you had any of these? What did you your little one think of them?

If you’re planning a birthday for a little one soon I hope it’s a great one!


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