A Day Off??

Yesterday I had a day off! Yes, that’s right a DAY OFF! With my birthday coming up soon the hubster booked a Spa Day for me and one of my cousins at Village Hotel and Spa in Warrington. He looked after all 4 Freckled Faces all day! Yep, I’m bragging! It has been absolutely FABULOUS!

As we walked into the building we found our way down to the Spa area and were greeted by friendly, helpful staff. We completed all the necessary paperwork and ordered our lunch and selected our treatments. We were then given our Robes and towels and shown through to the changing rooms.

Things To Do

There was a gym equipped with cardio and resistance machines, as well as free weights. I’ll be honest, we didn’t spend an awful lot of time in here!

We spent a fair bit of time in the Jacuzzi, Sauna and Steam Room! They did have a pool there, but due to it being a hotel too, it was quite busy with families playing in it, so we didn’t swim any lengths.

Included in the package was “a light lunch”. When we arrived, we were given a menu to choose from. I recommend the chicken strips with sweet chilli! Y U M M Y.


I got to relax with a 20 minute back massage, which was very much needed! It felt so good for those stress knots to be worked on! I then had one of the B E S T facials ever! I felt so relaxed and my skin felt so clean and amazing too! Finally a mini pedicure! Much respect to the therapist for having to work on my gross, manky feet! Feet gross me out, but it felt so good to have tension released and have them looking a bit nicer! They use ESPA products. They smelt good and felt good. I felt to good after!


I’m not very good at looking after myself. After today, and feeling completely refreshed by it, I am now a firm believer in taking care of yourself so that you can take care of the kids. It helped to recharge me! Physically and mentally. Now, I know everyone is different, likes different things, etc and I know that it’s not always possible to have a day off and do something quiet expensive. Whatever it is, for however long for and whenever you do it – ENJOY IT! Enjoy putting you first for a short time.

What kind of things do you do to feel recharged? Give me some suggestions for next time! 😉

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