Soft Play Centres (love them or hate them) – Top Tips

I discovered last week that I can only tolerate a Soft Play Centre if it’s for a birthday party. If it’s just to take the kids to play, I really would rather not!

"Different colour balls". "Red, blue, yellow, green balls" - "Soft play". "Top tips". "Help for adults". "How to survive soft play".

Here are a few tips and warnings that might help you to stay sane, if you’re anything like me!

What to wear

  • Make sure you can move comfortably in whatever you wear.
  • If you’re going to play with your kids, then prepare to get hot and sweaty!
  • Make sure whatever you wear actually fits you! You don’t want to be showing anyone any cracks that they shouldn’t be seeing, if you get what I’m saying!
  • Wear socks!


  • Expect lots of hyper kids running crazy. Everywhere!
  • Don’t expect all parents to discipline their kids when they do something they shouldn’t. (Apparently, some parents go there so that they can completely ignore their kids! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all up for kids playing and parents having a little rest…..but you need to keep an eye on your kid and make sure they’re not hurting anyone or upsetting other kids.)
  • Don’t expect your kids to always act completely rational when it comes to having to leave. It’s completely normal for them to turn psycho on you or run and hide. (A treat to bribe them may help in this situation πŸ˜‰)

Keeping Hydrated

  • Lots and lots of drink! The kids run around like crazy and get so hot and sweaty that they ask for a drink every few minutes!

I hope this helps!

Do you like Soft Play Centres? Do you have any tips or advice to add??

13 thoughts on “Soft Play Centres (love them or hate them) – Top Tips

  1. What you wear must be comfortable and always covers – I knew what you meant hahaha. Chasing after a toddler can make you feel like you’ve been to a gym instead of a play center.


  2. This is going to sound over dramatic but is absolutely true. The best thing about the kids getting older is not having to go to soft play !!!

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  3. The first time I went to soft play it was the summer holidays and just after lunchtime so you can imagine what the atmosphere was like. Bonkers. Yes comfy clothes is an absolute must.

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  4. I rather love a soft play, but only the very small kind. There is one near me which is aimed at preschoolers we are members of as it provided the only place I could safely let my crackers toddler run and burn off steam when I had twin babies as well. We went this morning and we were the only ones there until 10:30am which is amazing as then I can just sit down and have a coffee whilst they run wild!
    I can’t be doing with the big ones though as you spend more time looking for your child than anything else and the noise is deafening!

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  5. Wear long sleeves to prevent slide burns! and always have hand gel, some soft play centres are really grubby haha! I used to hate them, however having a 3 year old full of energy boy, I need soft play centres in my life! And lets be honest I love the ball pit!!

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