Christmas Classroom Door!

A few members if my extended family work in education. With that comes lots of stress and paperwork ....but also lots of moments of fun and creativity! I wanted to share with you the fun Christmas door decoration that one of my cousins and the rest of the team did! The kids in her class [...]


Freckled Face Friday – Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

Freckled Face Friday – Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

It's freckled face number two I am going to tell you about the Christmas tree we made. We did it on the first Monday in December, like we always do, now I think it is looking great. I really enjoyed decorating our Christmas tree in our play room! We were in our elf pyjamas it [...]

Dunham Massey Christmas Lights Display

Wow wow WOW!!! Last weekend we attended Dunham Massey Christmas Lights Display. It was AMAZING! It was done so well and there was such a big variety of lights. We toasted marshmallows over a fire, we saw Santa and one of his elves in a little show, we saw fire, we saw cool fountains and [...]