Freckled Face Friday-The Adventures of Buddy the Elf

Hello everybody. I’m freckled face number 3. This is our elf he’s been really cheeky. Here are a few things he’s been doing.

A teddy christmas elf with a red hat in his bed. Buddy the Elf. Elf on the shelf. 4 Freckled Faces
This is Buddy in his bed.

He has been eating sweeties when it was bedtime.


We found him eating our biscuits. He was crunching very loudly. I told you he was being cheeky.


He made snow angels in flour. He got really dirty and mummy had to wash him and dry him. It took a long time.


Buddy and some others were having a shoe train party and they wanted to go and see Santa at the North Pole.


Buddy has done too much things and he needs to stop what he’s doing and being silly and naughty. But we love our elf called Buddy.

The End. Have any of you persons got and elf?

Happy Christmas to all of you!

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