Candy Cane Hearts

Whilst this may not be the healthiest snack or treat…. it is a yummy one!

What you will need

  • Candy Cane (I used normal size here, but you can use the mini ones for bite size 😉)
  • White chocolate (or whichever chocolate you would prefer)
  • Sprinkles
  • 2 baking trays
  • Baking paper
  • A bowl
  • A spoon
  • Cling film


What to do

  • Preheat the oven at 180°c
  • Line one of your baking trays with baking paper and line the other with cling film
  • Take the wrappers off of the candy canes and place them in the shape of hearts on the tray with baking paper. Place in the oven for a few minutes (3-5 mins).
  • Take them out of the oven and carefully pinch the joins together. This should make it secure enough to hold the chocolate.
  • While they set and harden again, melt the chocolate in a bowl. (Over a pan or in a microwave- whatever your preference!)
  • Take your heart shaped candy canes and place them on the tray with cling film on.
  • Spoon the chocolate into the middle of the heart – a spoonful at a time and spreading it out so the whole of the inside of the heart is covered in chocolate
  • When you are happy with the amount of chocolate filling the heart, sprinkle the toppings/sprinkles over the chocolate
  • When they’re all done place the tray in the fridge to set. They should be good to eat within 30 minutes.
  • When they are done and the chocolate is set, you’ll find that the candy canes are a bit tacky. Leave on the side for a few minutes before eating, or wrapping them up.

You can enjoy them yourself or give them as gifts.

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