How to make a Frosty Christmas Jar

These jars make for great Christmas decor, you can pop a tea light in them, and they make a great gift too!

To watch the video of how I made them, click here.


What’s needed…

  • A glass jar
  • Tacky glue
  • Paint brush
  • Plate or dish
  • Epsom salt
  • Silver glitter
  • Ribbon or twine
  • Any other decorative items to add – e.g holy, berries, etc
  • Hot glue gun

What to do…

  • Clean and dry your jar(s)
  • On a plate or in a dish- mix the Epsom salt and glitter (I would say you need less than a cup of the salt per jar…obviously depending on the size if the jar….and the amount of glitter is up to you!)
  • Using the paint brush, cover one of your jars in glue (don’t do the bottom of or inside the jar)
  • Either roll the jar in the salt/glitter mix or use your hands to pour/sprinkle it on to the jar.
  • When the jar is covered leave to dry. We left ours for a couple if hours. (We played a few games while we waited!) If you are doing more than one jar then repeat the above!
  • When dry, take your twine and/or ribbon and the rest of the decoration you have chosen and arrange. Once happy with the arrangement, glue the bits that need keeping in place.
  • Job done ✔


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