Advice For First Time School Parents

Having your children start school can be a bag of mixed emotions! Excited, anxious, proud, nervous, and maybe even relieved. That’s just us parents! The kids are feeling that, and more. They’re still trying to understand and figure out the whole emotions thing too.  So the whole starting school thing might not actually go as we think it might.  And that’s fine! Keep calm and carry on, as ‘they’ say.

We’re all different, including our children. We all deal with situations differently. I thought I would share some of the things that have helped our 4 Freckled Faces settle in to school.


Before hand

Talk to them about what it might be like, ask them what they are excepting it to be like. That can actually be quite fun! We’ve had some pretty fun answers!  I managed to catch a video of Freckled Face 3…..I’ve forgotten to video the others – dangit!  You can check it out on our YouTube Channel. Click Here.

Ask them how they are feeling about it. Talk to them about those emotions and let them know it’s fine to feel like that. This doesn’t have to be an intense, sit down and have a serious talk… can be a fun little chat over dinner, or walking to the park, etc.

When it comes to getting ready, do as much of the prep as possible the night before. It makes mornings a lot less stressful, and you dont want stress mixed with anxiety or nerves! 

Drop Off

You may be feeling a little anxious at this point, which is normal and felt by SO many parents! We parents need to remember that our kids pick up on our emotions.

If your child gets upset, it is so hard to walk away! I doesn’t feel right. It is right though. don’t let yourself feel guilty. Your child will be absolutely fine! More likely than not, they will settle within the first half an hour (usually sooner rather than later), and if by a small chance they don’t,  their teacher will let you know.  And, please know, that when you do walk away, no-one is thinking any less of you. Everyone will completely understand what you are going through, and probably are admiring how strong you are!

We have had different experiences with our kids. 3 of them couldn’t wait to get in that classroom and start their schooling life. 1…..who we thought was completely ready and wouldn’t be phased all….was absolutely devastated as I left her there! I was awful! Every morning for the first few weeks, she clung to me as I walked her to the class door. I felt so bad leaving her the first couple of days, but I knew that she would enjoy herself when she was there though.  She always came out so happy and telling me all about her day. It was almost as though she felt she had to be upset in the morning, like it had become a part of her routine. She would settle so quickly after I had left. She always had a good day.

I found the best for all of them, was to give them a hug, tell you love them and then I tend to say “Be good and have a great day!”  Sometimes it settles kids for them to hear a familiar phrase, for example “Love you to the moon and back” or something along those lines, will give them a bit of comfort.

Smile, give them a kiss, send them in, and trust that the teachers will look after them and have them enjoying themselves in no time.

Pick Up

Snack! I always take a little snack for them. They are so hungry when they come out at the end of the day! I don’t know about your kids, but my get hangry! So I greet them with a smile, a hug, a snack and a “did you have a good day?”  Sometimes I get a whole lot of info spurted out at me, and other days I hardly get any info!  Whatever they want to share, I listen.

Those are the few things that have worked for us, and made it easier for the kids, and therefore making it easier for me! Happy faces all around!

You will find what works for you. It might be the same as this, it might be different.  Sometimes we just want to keep our little ones little forever! It can be tough. It might take a bit of time. It might take some trial and error, but you’ll get there. 

Smile at them, cuddle them, tell them you love them.

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