Back to school and school placement!

What a morning! Back to school and nursery today. I failed to get everything ready for this morning last night, so this morning was more of a rush than it needed to be!

I’m not really a morning person, especially when I have to get up earlier than I would like to and get me and the kids ready for school! Luckily for me, my husband is the helpful type. This morning would have been even more rushed if not! I made the mistake of not preparing last night….and not getting straight out of bed when my alarm went off! I have to get out of bed as soon as my alarm goes off, otherwise I really struggle to get out at all!

I finally (25 minutes later) dragged myself out of bed and started to get ready and wake everyone else (apart from our son who is, and always has been, an early riser). None of them were particularly happy about being woken up…..can’t imagine why?? I was in drill sargent mode! Running nearly 30 minutes late, we had catch-up to play! Everybody up, at the table, eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed, do hair, get lunch boxes and drinks ready, get school bags ready, coats and shoes on and out the door. Did we make it in time?? Yes! Well…..the older 2 were in school on time and freckled face number 3 was a few minutes late for nursery. Doh! Luckily, they’re nice and don’t kick up a fuss when I am. Other parents were still bringing their kids in, so we didn’t disrupt things too much.


Not only is it first day back today, but also school photo day aaaaaand the day for school admissions! So I found time to check quickly to see if freckled face number 3 got in to the same school as the older 2. Thankfully, she did! Would have made mornings extra crazy if not!

I can’t believe we will have 3 kids in full time education in September! I think I should feel more grown up than I do??

If you were waiting to find out placements, I hope you got your first choice!

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