Escape to Fritton, Norfolk

Last week the kids were on half term (one week school holiday),  so we took some time out and went to stay in a woodland lakeside lodge. It was a great autumn getaway!

Brow lodge in the forest with a view of the lake. Fritton Lake Holiday Resort. Fritton Lake. 4 Freckled Faces. Holiday lodge. Morfolk

We found our accommodation on airbnb. It was a privately owned lodge in Fritton Lake Holiday Resort. Unfortunately we didn’t find it in the cleanest condition, but they were very apologetic and we got it all sorted. It didn’t ruin our stay as the resort delivered good customer service. The resort itself was absolutely stunning! Sometimes to you just need to unplug and unwind. This place certainly gives you that. The reception and pub/restaurant area was lovely and had a real cosy feel. The staff were lovely and very helpful. The resort is currently having a lot of renovation done and the plans look great!

We’ve done a YouTube video on our YouTube Channel, click here to take a look at how lovely it was!

Just down the road, a few minutes drive, is Redwings Horse Sanctuary. We had a lovely time visiting there! It’s free entry, you can leave donations, which obviously help them massively to help keep them going. Our visit here is also on the YouTube video.

A family outside, stroking horses as the sun is setting. 4 Freckled Faces. Redwings Horse Sanctuary. Norfolk. Family time. Horses. Sunset.

It was so nice! Life can get crazy, can’t it! Everyone has lists on lists on lists of what “needs” to be done. Every now and then those lists need to be put aside and we need to relax and just enjoy.

I have realised lately that our kids tend to rush things that they do…..and that is partly down to me. That wasn’t a nice realisation for me! We are busy and we are here there and everywhere most of the time. I often say (sometimes louder than others) to the kids “hurry up” “quickly do ….” “go do ….. quickly” etc. During our time away, I didn’t have to say that anywhere near the amount I usually do. It was nice! We just enjoyed our time. I’m going to try and carry on not saying those things as much and encourage them to take their time with work they are doing, or reading, etc.

For our us, having time enjoying the outdoors is important and helps us to unwind and distress. Does it do the same for you?

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