Loss and Perspective

A couple of days ago I received some very sad news. My Aunty had lost her battle with Cancer. This was a battle that lasted for over 14 years! Yes, that’s right, she battled through all of the bad news, all of the chemo and radiation, and every other type of treatment and medication she had. She battled through times of feeling very weak and poorly. She battled through times of feeling so very low and drained. She won all of those (many) battles.

I’ll be honest, I was used to her winning the battles……that getting my head around her not having to fight anymore….is tough. Although I have said that she “lost her battle with cancer” I don’t feel that she has actually lost. I feel like that is not giving her enough credit for all that she has been through for so very very long. Does that make sense?? She is now having a much deserved rest.

I have spoken about our faith and religious beliefs before (click here to see the post), and I hope I don’t offend anyone with this but it’s really helped me and helped me to try and explain death to the 4 Freckled Faces. I just wanted to share a couple of things.

After doing the school run on Monday morning, I came home and got on with some housework. On my phone I have the scriptures (Bible, Book of Mormon, etc). I clicked on it so that I could listen to them for a bit while I did some housework. This is what came up… (it’s from the Book of Mormon. I was actually reading a different part, but this was the first thing that came up when I clicked the app)

Screenshot_20181112-094559_Gospel Library

A few hours later I got a call to say that my Aunt had passed away. I felt very comforted by the verses above. She would have been greeted with arms wide open and she won’t be in so much pain anymore.

Later that day, I went to pick freckled face number 1 up from an after school club. It was a bit cold so I put my hands in my pockets. I felt a wrapper with something inside.  It was a Love Heart sweet with the word “FOREVER” on it. As I looked at it, the thought came to me ‘This life is not forever, but family and memories are.’


I am so grateful for the great memories I have of my Aunt. Times I will treasure! I truly believe families can be together forever and that I will see her again one day, and be able to give her a big hug!

Spend time with those you love. Live life with them, love them unconditionally and laugh with them often!

Thank you for reading 💞

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