Kids Say the Funniest Things – Edition One!

Kids say the funniest things. rainbow. 4 Freckled Faces.

These are just a few of the things our 4 Freckled Faces have said over the years that have tickled us. Oh how I WISH I had remembered to write them all down! Which ones have you heard before too? Which one gets you laughing most?



Mum, if a cheetah gets old…will they need glasses?




Freckled Face 4 “Can you put my drink in the kitchen please?” Freckled Face 1 “I’ll only be your slave if you give me a million dollars” Freckled Face 4 “Well I can give you some dollys for your birthday, but not a million.”




Freckled Face 1, when he realises that he is very close to being the same shoe size as me. “Soon I’ll be able to …….*puzzled look on his face as he realises he doesn’t want to borrow my shoes* ….take your white hoody!” 




3yr old: This is ridic-i-us!

Mum: What is ridiculous?

3yr old: That’s because you won’t let me sleep on the floor!


Freckled Face 3: Mum, can we try fashion fruit please?

Mum: Ummm….what is fashion fruit?

Freckled Face 3: I don’t know, but they sing about it in a Lion King song!

Mum:……You mean Passion Fruit!?

Freckled Face 3: Ohhhh! Yeah! 


Freckled Face 1 (a few year ago) “Mum, my tentacles are like grapes aren’t they!?”

Mum (after cracking up laughing) “Tentacles? Do you mean testicles??”

Freckled Face 1 “Oh yeah! I’m not an octopus!?”




13 thoughts on “Kids Say the Funniest Things – Edition One!

  1. Children do say the funniest things, and it helps especially when feeling low. They can just say one thing and it will have you smiling again.

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