Can’t Touch…. Will Touch!?

This week we’ve had decorators in. They’ve been painting walls, ceilings, doors, skirting boards, window sills and stair banister. Nightmare! The house is upside down ….and there are a lot of things in wrong places! I’m looking forward to trying to return to the slightest bit of organisation that we had.

Have you ever had to tell your child that they can’t touch anything in their home? If you have then you’ll probably feel my pain! If not, ….I hope that it never happens to you!! This is how each of our freckled faces have reacted to the “don’t touch anything” (we’ve told them what’s been painted and what they have to stay away from) rule…

Freckled Face number 1 

“Ok, I’ll try to remember.”

He has! He has done his best to not touch anything.

Freckled Face number 2 


Apparently, that was an INSTANT INVITATION to touch it all as many times as she could, whenever she wasn’t being watched! Go figure!

Freckled Face number 3 

“Ok, yep!”

She either forgot the commitment straight away, or she just wasn’t listening at all! Since then there has been a lot of “I’m sorry! I forgot!”

Freckled Face number 4 

“Ok mummy!”

Yeah, that totally went over her head and she just carried on doing whatever she wants…. and then has a tantrum if me or the other freckled faces try to stop her from getting her grubby little hands on everything!

So it’s going great! *sarcasim* Ok, in all honesty, the first couple of days weren’t actually all that bad. I kept them out of the house from 9.30 until 6pm ish. So when we got home it wasn’t long until they were in bed. Here’s some of what we have been up to…..

My Bassetts Vitamins Party 

Photo Collage_20180823_080217658.jpg

We were selected by a company called ‘Come Round’ to host a #MyBassettsVits party. The kids had a lot of fun planning this and obviously really enjoyed the party! Check out our Facebook page to find out more.

Frodsham Castle Park and Gardens 

We set off for a day at Speke Hall, but due to road closures that never happened. We stumbled across this park though. IT WAS GREAT!! The kids absolutely loved it. There were 2 park areas (one with a sand pit), a small formal garden area and a woodland walk area. It was all free! Even parking! Didn’t have to pay a penny. Bonus!! There was also a Lawn Bowls area and Tennis Court too.


Made a YouTube video 

The older 2 made a video on YouTube! They played a game called ‘Veggie Trumps’ but added a little twist to it. You can check it out here.


Fed the ducks 

I thought we went to feed the ducks….but somebody else had other things in mind…

The kids then ran free and I took some nice deep breaths and prepared myself for the next few hours!

In between all of this I’ve run errands, fed the kids, changed too many nappies (the youngest feels to the need to drink and wee enough for the whole of England!) and told the kids off for speaking nasty to each other or winding each other up more times than I care to mention. Oh, I also had to put up with quite a few tantrums…..and lost my temper and threw my on tantrums a few times too… parenting is fun at times! I’m still smiling!

Have you ever been there?? Ever wished for a week to be over?? Haha

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