Plastic Cups Art

This craft is so easy and kept the kids entertained for aaaaages! They really enjoyed it.

What you need


  • Plastic Cups
  • Permanent Markers. (We used Sharpies)


What to do 


The great thing with this is all ages can do it and you can make the designs as simple or as complicated as you want! You can draw a picture, do a pattern, silhouettes, etc. (Just remember the pens are permanent markers….so don’t let the kids do it in their best clothes and make sure they are drawing on a mat or surface that doesn’t matter if it gets marked!)

Here are some of the designs the 4 Freckled Faces did…


You can use them as a fairy village, or put battery powered tea lights in them and have them as little night lights.

Whatever you decide to do with them, we hope you enjoy making them and playing with them afterwards!

Thanks for reading!

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