Coed y Brenin – Forest Park in Wales

On Saturday 22nd of April 2019 we set off for a day at Barmouth beach with friends. Little did we know that that was not actually going to happen!

After having to set off later than planned, coming across traffic, a bit of car sickness, crazy drivers in front of us and witnessing a car almost (way waaaayyyy too close) go into a lorry…..we arrived in Barmouth – it was BUSY! We sat in traffic before getting to the beach area…. and then spent a while trying to find a parking space. It got to about 12.30 ish and we were all very hungry – so we decided to drive back out a little way and find somewhere to picnic (as we did we drove past a lot of traffic waiting to get to the beach. It’s obviously a very popular destination!)


We came across Coed y Brenin – and we are glad we did! It was so quiet and peaceful (partly because you get absolutely NO phone reception or internet AT ALL!!) and SO BEAUTIFUL AND PICTURESQUE!!



We sat and ate lunch with a lovely view and then we went for a little wander and explored the area. There are 3 different trails to do – varying in distance and abilities.



Kids throwing stones in a stream. 4 Freckled Faces. Coed y Brenin. Wales.
Looking for the perfect stones to throw in/skim across the water. Spoilt for choice!!

After we had explored around a bit, our Freckled Faces were feeling pretty hot and really wanted to go for a paddle/swim. So we did!



Caught a fish! It jumped out of the bucket a couple of minutes later!



It was a great day! We would definitely recommend a visit! You can totally unplug. You can make a whole day of it. There are picnic benches and tables, toilets (just take toilet roll with you as there might not be any there!) and they even had an area to bbq near on of the picnic tables! I believe I also saw a Dutch Oven….but could be wrong! We would have definitely have used them if we knew about it. Instead, we set off home and stopped off for Fish n Chips in Llangollen. Nemo’s Fish and Chips were very pricey but tasty! We found a beautiful view with a play park next to it and finished our day off.

Llangollen, Wales. Fish and chips. 4 Freckled Faces.

We always enjoy spending time in nature. Do you like a day in nature or do you prefer to visit a place with hustle and bustle?

4 thoughts on “Coed y Brenin – Forest Park in Wales

  1. Your photos are fantastic!! I really want to go to Wales so I will keep this place in mind.
    Thank you for sharing with us.

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