Soft Play Centres (love them or hate them) – Top Tips

I discovered last week that I can only tolerate a Soft Play Centre if it's for a birthday party. If it's just to take the kids to play, I really would rather not! Here are a few tips and warnings that might help you to stay sane, if you're anything like me! What to wear [...]


Our Welsh Wednesday!

Our Welsh Wednesday!

I was supposed to be taking the kids up to Scotland this week (half term) for a few days, but unfortunately we had to cancel the adventure. Freckled face #3 was poorly, and I didn't want to travel with a poorly kid, especially as it was just the kids and I. Wednesday morning came and [...]

Easter Holidays Madness

PART TWO So, as I mentioned before, week one of the school holidays was a flop! The highlights being Little Moreton Hall and (something I forgot to mention before) pet sitting for some friends! The kids loved having a Guinea Pig for the week! However the rest of the week was totally rubbish, so my [...]

Easter Holiday Madness

PART ONE Over the past 2 weeks our oldest 3 kids have been on Easter School Holiday. 2 weeks off of school! Yessss! All these amazing ideas and plans; we were so excited! They finished school on the Thursday before Good Friday. 'Let the adventure begin!!' ......OR NOT! Friday our 5 year starts being sick! [...]