CONKERS – A Fun Family Day Out!

Last Saturday we were going to stay home and do a bit of work on the house. We moved house last summer and still have no pictures up, have a few items of furniture we need to get…. and we want to finish getting all the rooms complete. However, late Friday night Dave and I decided to go for a fun family day out instead….and are we glad we did!!


Conkers had been on my list of places to go for a while now, but we have never got around to going……until Saturday! It was AWESOME!

As it’s still winter some of the activities were closed, but there was so much to do that it didn’t really affect our day….other than being cheaper! It was only £5 per person! The weather was cold but dry so we had a picnic outside. There are picnic areas and cafes at both Centres.

What activities are there to do?


Activity Trail – this is similar to an assault course. Lots of objects to balance on, climb, go over and under, etc.

Train – the train comes every 15 minutes (ish) and takes you to and from the 2 parts of Conkers  – Discovery and Waterside.

High and Low Ropes – these were closed but they looked great!

Barefoot Walk – a variety of textures to walk on (word, coal, pebbles, etc).

Play Park Areas – a small one near the Discovery Centre and a larger one near the Waterside Centre.

Sensory Trail – a walk through the woods with different things to feel, lots of colours and shapes to see, etc.

Underground Tunnels – lots of tunnels connecting to eachother….but adults beware – some of them are tiny! Haha I may or may not have got stuck!

Water Play – lots of spinning, pushing and pulling, etc.

Fairy Labyrinth – there are fairies throughout and a tower in the middle.

Wobbly Bridges – honestly, we were a little disappointed with this. They really weren’t that wobbly! Some parts of the bridges were at a slight angle and one bridge was a little more exciting….but this was probsbly our least favourite area.

Wildlife – insects, squirrels, birds, etc. Lots to see!



Soft Play Areas – there are 2. The smaller one (at the Waterside Centre – I think!?) is for under 7’s.

Treetop Walk – we actually run out of time so didn’t get to experience this!

Interactive Exhibits – lots to learn about nature and wildlife in a fun way!

4D Cinema – our 4 Freckled Faces really enjoyed this short 4D film experience and wanted to watch it again! *warning* prepare to be blown away …and a little wet!

There is lots more to see and do. Check out their website for more information. Click here.

We had a GREAT day out and look forward to going back in the summer months!

7 thoughts on “CONKERS – A Fun Family Day Out!

  1. Wow I’ve never heard of here before. This is now on our family list for spring it looks like such a fun day out, love that is so adventurous xx

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