Spider Cookies

These are so easy to make and guaranteed to taste yummy! I have a friend who refuses to bake for people (including her family) because she is scared of making people ill and doesn’t want to risk the embarrassment of what she has made, tasting disgusting. So with her in mind, we made these!

What you’ll need


Chocolate chunk cookie mix (we bought ours from Tesco)

Butter (as stated on the cookie mix)

Water (as stated on the cookie mix)

A bit of chocolate to melt (we used a quarter of a pack of chocolate chips)

A large mixing bowl

A small bowl (to melt the chocolate chips)

A wooden mixing spoon


Baking tray


What to do 

Follow the instructions on the cookie mix packet. Be sure to leave a few chocolate chunks out so that you can place them on top on the cookie dough when you put them on the backing tray.


When the cookies are baked and cooling down, melt the small amount of chocolate in the small bowl. You can either do this in the microwave or over some boiling water.

Using a toothpick, draw the spider legs on to the chocolate chunks that are showing on the cookies. (We did 4 on either side.)



Allow to dry/set.

Job done, tick!

Share them, or pop a scary film on and eat the lot!


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