3 Valentine’s crafts for kids

3 Valentine’s crafts for kids

We have been doing lots of valentines day crafts and activities lately. We made cards by using pink and red hearts cut out of paper, green paper for the stems and card, glue and pens. You can write whatever message you want to. This was Freckled Face number 4's card to Daddy! The kids thought [...]


How to make a Friendship Bracelet! (By a 5yr old!)

Hello!  I am freckled face number 2! I made a friendship braislet  with Mum today  and  I  wanted to show  you how we did it. Rule 1 - cut the string long enuf to go around your wrist two times. Rule 2 - you  nead three peesis of string  to make a little plat. Tie [...]

How to Make a Dream Catcher

If you follow us on our social media sites, you may have seen that the dreaded sick bug has hit our home this week. Freckled Face number 2 came down with it Sunday morning, number 3 joined her early hours Wednesday morning and number 4 joined them early this morning! Fun and games! Freckled Face [...]