How to Make an Easy Autumn Wreath

I LOVE Autumn, but I was never really a ‘wreath’ on the front door type person. Until now! I don’t know what changed, but I now think a wreath on the door looks fab and needs to be done. Yes – NEEDS to be done!

Being a tight (with money – I don’t like spending it!) and busy Mum I wanted to make a wreath that gives me an autumn feel, was a bit of fun for the kids and looked nice…..but didn’t cost a lot. Here is what I came up with. Let me know what you think!

What is needed

  • Wreath – I picked mine up from Hobby Craft for £3.50
  • Fake Autumn Leaves – I actually bought mine on eBay last year!
  • Little Pumpkins – I got mine in Hobby Craft. They came on a pack of 4. They all had faces cut into them, but I just wanted one face showing.
  • Ribbon/Burlap of your choice. I bought a reel from Hobby Craft.
  • A Glue Gun.

What to do

Before I glued everything into place I played around with different arrangements. I actually took pictures of each one and put it to a vote on our Instagram stories!

Once the favourite had been decided, I switched the glue gun on and got to sticking it all on. I started with the leaves and then stuck the pumpkins on. With the pumpkins that don’t look to have a face on them – they do have a face but I glued them face down on to the wreath.

Once everything was glued on and dried, I then wrapped the burlap around the top a few times. I left enough out to got over the top of the door  – I measured it so that it would hang where I wanted it to.



Job done tick! What do you think?

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