Jodrell Bank

As a kid and right through up until now I have found the sky and the universe fascinating. No matter the time of day or the weather, I could just stare at it and learn about it forever! I have been blessed (or cursed….but I’m trying to think positively!! haha) with an appalling memory! It has only got worse with each kid too!  I can re-learn things a million times over! haha It can be very… VERY annoying sometimes, and I feel so very dumb a lot of the time, BUT I do get to re-live the excitement of some things I love to learn about it!

ANYWAY…Luckily, my husband and our 4 Freckled Faces share my love for the sky and beyond. With Freckled Face number 3 learning about space at school we thought we would go and check out Jodrell Bank!

We had been there before (last summer) and really enjoyed it. We thought it was pretty fairly priced. Under 4’s are free and then we got a family of 5 ticket which was £30. You have to pay £4 for parking too. We were there for just over 3 hours this time, but last time we stayed longer. It was pretty cold so we had to wrap up warm, but there are some activities to do inside as well as outside, so we warmed ourselves up in there half way through.

What is there to do?

Have you ever heard of the Lovell telescope?? Since 1957 it has been probing the space, to help us to understand the universe which we live in. It is one of the biggest and most powerful radio telescopes in the world and it live at Jodrell Bank! It’s amazing!

The Lovell Telescope. 4 Freckled Faces. Jodrell Bank.

They have a Space Pavilion in which you can discover how Jodrell Bank scientists use radio telescopes to learn more about distant objects in space. There are lots of hands-on / interactive activities to have fun with and learn about the universe.

There are also fun scientific activities outside, around the Lovell telescope and Gardens with a play area too. They also have a café which is right by the entrance/exit and there are picnic tables outside too.

We thought a video would give you a better idea of what to expect. Go and checkout our video on YouTube to see the fun we had!

If you fancy visiting, check out their website first as they often have special events in school holidays.

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