2 Easy Owl Crafts for kids

Freckled Face number 3 has been learning about owls at school recently, so this weekend we decided to make some owls and go over things we know about them. The kids want to share with you what they did, so here they are!

Conker Owls

This can get a little tricky for the younger children, so they will need help.

What you need


  • Conkers
  • Goggly eyes (that’s a word, right!?)
  • Felt
  • Scissors (to cut the shapes you need out of the felt)
  • Glue gun (or other strong glue)
  • Glitter (OPTIONAL! Our girls are glitter obsessed!)
  • String or Ribbon (OPTIONAL)


What to do 

Plug your glue gun in so it can start warming up.

Take the felt and scissors and cut out 2 pointy ends ovals for the wings and a small triangle for the beak. Measure them up against the conker first, so that you know how big you need them.

Take the goggly eyes and glue them on the front, near the top.

Take the small triangle and glue it just underneath the eyes, one flat side against the bottom of the eyes and a point pointing down.

Next- the wings! Take the ovals and stick one on each side of the conker, placing the bottom part of the wing slightly on the front….so it’s at a slight angle.

You can then, if you want to, use the glitter to make the feathers on the tummy of the owl.

Also an optional step; glue some String or Ribbon to the top, towards the back, either just attatched at one end or both ends (making a loop). Then you can make it fly or hang it up!

Leave to dry.

Conker owls. Conkers decorated with felt and goggly eyes to look like owls. 4 Freckled Faces.

Toilet Roll Owls

These were a huge hit! Very easy for them to do by themselves.

What you need

  • Toilet roll
  • Felt
  • Sticker eyes
  • Glue gun (or other strong glue)
  • Scissors
  • Felt tip pens

What to do

Switch the glue gun on so that it can start warming up.

Fold in the top of the toilet roll (keeping the sides sticking up) and glue it down


While that dries, cut the pointy ends ovals for the wings and a small triangle for the beak. Measure against the toilet roll to gauge the size you need. We also did some star shapes for the ears/hair.

Stick the sticker eyes on the toilet roll.


Then, using the glue, stick the nose on around the bottom centre of the eyes.

Then glue the wings on to the sides (and any other felt bits you decided to do).


When all the felt is glued on, you then need to draw on the tummy feathers using the felt tip pens


And you’re done! You have an owl!

Toilet roll owls. Toilet rolls decorated with felt and sticker eyes to look like owls. 4 Freckled Faces.

As you can see the Freckled Faces decided to add glitter….again!

Give them a go!

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