Kidlo Learning Apps Review

A few months ago we were asked to trial and review 3 Kidlo Learning Apps; Kidlo Coding, Kidloland, Kindergarten Math. I was eager to see what they were like. I’m not a huge fan of the Freckled Faces having too much time on the tablet, but I’m not going to deny that them having a bit of tablet time is handy and beneficial to me sometimes!

Before letting the Freckled Faces on the apps, I had a look at them and a little play first. My first impressions of all 3 apps were – they are easy to use, they are in bright, bold colours and they have fun animation. They are very attractive to young kids. I then let all Freckled Faces have a play and I watched and listened to their reactions as they played on them. These reviews are based on my thoughts as a parents and how they kids got on with them.

Here are our reviews for each one.

Kidlo Coding Games for Kids

Screenshot_20181005-001434_Coding For Kids - Learn To Code With Play.jpg

I really enjoyed this App! Haha as you can see from the picture, it’s fun and easy on the eyes. The instructions are clear and easy to follow….though you need to make sure your child actually reads the! Freckled Face number 1 skipped the first set of instructions and didn’t know what to do, so he got frustrated and didn’t want to play with it. When I pointed out that it might be a good idea to read what he had to do…he got right back on and enjoyed coding in the different activities offered on the app. There are lots of levels for each game and as expected each level gets a little more difficult.

We had the older 2 Freckled Faces (5-6years and 8 years) play this app quite a lot! They really enjoyed it. It gets their brain thinking of the step ahead…forward planning! Always a good skill to learn! Our 4 year old also tried it, and whilst some of it was a little tricky for her, other bits weren’t. It was fun to be able to sit with them and try to help them figure it out themselves.

This app got thumbs up from all who played it! Here are the links:

iOS- Kidlo Coding Games for Kids

Android- Kidlo Coding Games for Kids

Kidloland Nursery Rhymes and Games for Kids


This app has been really good for our youngest in particular. Freckled Face number 4 has really enjoyed going on this! Not only only does it have games that are suitable for her to play, but it also has stories and nursery rhymes! A great combination of interactive games and stories and eye catching nursery rhymes to listen to. Puzzle games are always popular in this house and there plently of them and lots of other fun games involving foods, letters, shapes, etc. Every time you get something right on here there is a little celebration which our kids liked. It was easy to use too.

Thumbs up for this app too! Here are the links:

iOS- Nursery Rhymes, Games for Kids

Android- Nursery Rhymes, Games for Kids

Kindergarten Math Games for Kids


As you have probably deduced from the name, the app (all three apps actually) was not made in England, but our kids still got a lot of use out of them. This app has two sections. One section for Toddlers and PreSchoolers (Pre-K section) and the other for Reception and Year 1 aged children (K section). As you would imagine, the Pre-K section has easier games than the K section. In each section there are different categories; counting, sorting, geometry, comparison, patterns, addition and subtraction, etc. All categories that are very important skills for them to learn! As with with other apps, this was colourful and fun animation. All activities were age appropriate and educational, and each time you get something right there is a fun little celebration. There are also little prompts along the way if the child is unsure what to do next.

This app also gets thumbs up! Here are links:

iOS- Kindergarten Math Games For Kids

Kindergarten Math Games For Kids

Would we recommend these apps?

Yes! I would say perhaps not for kids over 8 years, as freckled face number 4 liked doing the coding, but most of the animation was a little too young for him, and I don’t imagine him wanting to play it for much longer. They have been GREAT for the other 3 though! Our 2, 4 and just turned 6 yr old are very happy with them and will continue playing and learning with them for a while!

If you fancy giving these apps a try, please head over to our Facebook page (4 Freckled Faces) and enter our GIVEAWAY! Kidlo have given us the chance to offer 3 LUCKY WINNERS 1 months subscription for ALL 3 apps for FREE!

Or you can click on any of these links to go straight to purchasing them.

Kindergarten Math Games


Kidlo Coding Games

*Disclosure – we received 3 months free subscription in return for an honest review.

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