Play-Doh Snails

One of the fun things about Autumn is  all the conkers! Aside from the classic conker fights and nice autumn decor, we thought we’d try and find some different uses for them. Here’s one idea we came up with…..Play-doh snails. We were watching the film ‘Turbo’ at the time!

You will need

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  • Conkers
  • Play-doh
  • Glitter glue (or anything else you would like to decorate the conker with- stickers, paint pens, or you could use little bits of the play-doh. The girls are very much in to glitter lately, so that’s why we went with glitter!)

What to do

We decorated the conkers first and let them dry while we played with the play-doh for a little while.


When the conkers were dry, we rolled bits of play-doh in to sausage/worm shapes. The length of these depends on how big the conkers are. Ideally you want it about 2 1/2 times the length of the conker.

On one end of the play-doh we pinched 2 little bits, to make it look more like a snails head.

Place your conker in the middle of the play-doh sausage/worm thing and push down a little. Make sure you don’t push too hard that you squish the snails body…..though if you do, it’s not going to be impossible or take too long to remold it 😉

….and voila! You have a play-doh snail.


It’s an easy activity that is really good for younger kids in particular.  Play dough helps young children to develop strength in the fingers and hands, not to mention creativity! Helping to develop strength in muscles is really good for young kids as it enables them to do so many self-help skills.

Give them a go! You can even race your snails afterwards 😉

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