Advice For First Time School Parents

Having your children start school can be a bag of mixed emotions! Excited, anxious, proud, nervous, and maybe even relieved. That's just us parents! The kids are feeling that, and more. They're still trying to understand and figure out the whole emotions thing too.  So the whole starting school thing might not actually go as [...]

Play-Doh Snails

Play-Doh Snails

One of the fun things about Autumn is  all the conkers! Aside from the classic conker fights and nice autumn decor, we thought we'd try and find some different uses for them. Here's one idea we came up with.....Play-doh snails. We were watching the film 'Turbo' at the time! You will need Conkers Play-doh Glitter [...]

Presents for a 2 year old

If you follow our Instagram and Facebook pages you'll know that we have just celebrated the youngest freckled face's birthday! I really struggled with what to get her! We are fortunate enough to have lots of toys and games to play with. I didn't want more things in the house helping to clutter it up, [...]