Kids dress sense

I have never been the kind of mum who tells their kids what they are going to wearing every day…..though I do put my foot down on buying some clothes they suggest! I have, on occasion, suggested outfits but I don’t make them wear them…..unless it’s absolutely necessary; like school uniform!

Here are my reasons for why –

  1. I like to see their characters come out.
  2. I like that they have a mind of their own and want them to experience using it.
  3. I want to nurture all forms of creativity.
  4. It gives me more time to so other bits if they are getting themselves ready!
  5. It gives me a good laugh sometimes!! Haha

A couple of years ago I did the whole ‘get them dressed myself and chose their outfits’ thing. I did it fairly quickly in the morning and all one after the other. I accidentally did this…


I dressed them all the same and didn’t even realise until a few hours later! Haha Now, in my defence I had not long since given birth to freckled face #4… you know, baby brain and all that! Dressing to match or coordinate with each other is fine for photo shoots…but day to day life?? I’m not so sure?

Here are a few examples of the girls outfit choices. Our son is a bit older, so I haven’ got any current funny ones of him!

Photo Collage_20180601_001547902.jpgPhoto Collage_20180601_220700697.jpg

Did they put a smile on your face, or make you giggle?? That is the main reason that I don’t tell them what to wear all the time haha! Who doesn’t need to smile or laugh!?

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