Our Welsh Wednesday!

Wales - beach - 4 Freckled Faces- siblings

I was supposed to be taking the kids up to Scotland this week (half term) for a few days, but unfortunately we had to cancel the adventure. Freckled face #3 was poorly, and I didn’t want to travel with a poorly kid, especially as it was just the kids and I. Wednesday morning came and she was feeling a lot better, so we threw a picnic together and headed for Wales (it’s a little closer)! We love Wales! It is so beautiful and it is one of our ‘go to’ places when we need a beach fix!

Welsh Mountain Zoo- 4 Freckled Faces

The kids decided on the Welsh Mountain Zoo to start the day off. We discovered that #4 has a bit of a fear of “cary ammals” haha! She doesn’t even like the other freckled faces pretending to be them! Haha!

Welsh Mountain Zoo- penguins - sea lion - 4 Freckled Faces

We had a great day! Lots to see and do and all with beautiful scenery! The freckled faces favourites were the sea lions, penguins, the shy snow leopard, chimpanzees and alligators. The lemurs were pretty fun too! The were slightly disappointed that there was no tiger, but all the rest and the great play area didn’t make them think about it for too long!

We ended up spending the whole day there and then headed to Penmeanmawr to have a play in the splash pool and chill out on the beach.

Wales - paddling pool - 4 Freckled Faces

I LOVE the beach and can’t go long without visiting one. I find it clears my head and makes me stop and chillax! I don’t think about my huge ‘to do list’. I just enjoy the moment.

Wales - beach - 4 Freckled Faces- siblings

If you want to see more photos then check out our Instagram and Facebook.

Have you ever been? Did you enjoy it?

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