What Makes a GREAT Dad?

I know how immensely lucky I am to have an AMAZING Dad and a husband who is an AMAZING Dad to our 4 little freckled faces! I also know that there are lots of other GREAT and AMAZING fathers out there!

I wanted to take this opportunity (with it being father’s day) to talk about the QUALITIES that I really love and appreciate in my father, my husband (in his role as a father) and also my father-in-law. I would love to hear your thoughts too! These are in no particular order, all equally appreciated and admired! I’ll try not to get too personal with my brief summarys!


Playing games, sports, dancing, telling jokes, playing pranks, being silly and generally just being fun! Teaching and encouraging not to take life too seriously. Laugh lots! What’s that saying …”Live. Laugh. Love”?? Yeah, that!


Showing love in actions as well as saying it. Telling the kids they’re proud of them. Giving comforting hugs and words when needed.


Which kid doesn’t need discipline, right? It has to be done right though. Not each child will need the same discipline/consequence. I’m not just talking about discipline as in punishment, but also using discipline in your life to improve on things; work hard and put effort it. Both of those meanings, in my opinion, are vital in raising children. Everyone should be taught a good ethic.


Now depending on how tired I am, or if I’m feeling stressed about something…..I don’t always handle situations in a calm way.  When I say “situations” I’m talking about when kids do something that they shouldn’t have, or fighting with eachother, etc. I need to follow the example of being calm and not getting worked up by it.


We are equals. Parenting is a team effort! I remember speaking rudely to my mum when I was younger and my Dad would tell me to stop and apologise. My husband does the same now with our children. My Dad (along with my Mum) also taught me to respect myself and know the value that I have.


I LOVE the little things! The notes left for kids to read. The “Here you go, I saw you looking at these shoes in the shop” (yep, my Dad did that!). The “Are you ok? Do you want to talk?” Etc, etc. Those things REALLY matter!


Money. Time. Food. Sleep. Luxuries. A 2 seater sports car! They sacrifice a lot!


As well as everything listed above, they are KIND, FRIENDLY to everyone and HARD WORKING. Everything I want my kids to be!

See, I’m lucky right!?

The little 4 Freckled Faces wanted to share their thoughts too. Head over our YouTube channel to see it and PLEASE let us know what you think!

7 thoughts on “What Makes a GREAT Dad?

  1. Love you these! I am always amazed at the Leah men and how incredible each one is especially in the roles of father and husband! Love these qualities especially about the team effort. One thing I love about it is that we each have hard days where we struggle as parents, but because of being a team, we are able to still pull together even if one carries a bit more of the load that day to make a balanced effort! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. What great thoughts, I love those little extra thoughts too. Openness and sharing your feelings is a massive pass on skill that is so precious for our kids. Thanks for sharing these with the #mainylovessummer linky

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