Growing Up Means Adapting

Growing up means adapting.......I bet you're singing the song from Frozen 2 right now!? Good ol' Olaf! How wise he is. Today I stood and watched Freckled Face 1 walk off to school by himself. He went off so happy, and I mean SO happy. He could have at least pretended to be nervous or [...]

35 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

35 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

We LOVE summer....but it does call for more entertainment needed, as the kids aren't in school. These are a list of ideas of activities that we enjoy doing in the Summer - in no particular order! 1. Visit a Park 2. Visit a Beach 3. Splash in a Stream 4. Leaf Rubbings 5. Water Flight [...]

Introducing Freckled Face Friday!

Over that past few weeks we have been trying to organise this blog and our blogging time. It's been....interesting! We have decided that on Fridays the post will be from one of Freckled Faces. We bring to you 'FRECKLED FACE FRIDAYS'! Myself and Dave would like to apologise now for any craziness that may follow [...]

Fun Colour Sorting Activity for Young Kids

Fun Colour Sorting Activity for Young Kids

So Freckled Face number 4 is loving getting arty and crafty! This morning I really needed to clean the kitchen, so I set up a little activity for her, which she absolutely LOVED and cried when she had finished it! Haha I decided to write the colours on the paper because I wanted her to [...]

Can’t Touch…. Will Touch!?

This week we've had decorators in. They've been painting walls, ceilings, doors, skirting boards, window sills and stair banister. Nightmare! The house is upside down ....and there are a lot of things in wrong places! I'm looking forward to trying to return to the slightest bit of organisation that we had. Have you ever had [...]

Fun at Home

Lately we have been pretty busy. Here, there and everywhere. So today we stayed at home. We have done some puzzles, read books.... I bought these books from Home Bargains the other day and kids enjoyed them today. A nice, cheap, non-sugary treat that kept them entertained for ages! Bonus! We also played some games. [...]

School’s Out For Summer!

Today was the kids last day of this school year! I know, we're pretty late to the party, right!? It seems everyone else finished last week! The kids have had a great last few days though, so they haven't seemed to be bothered that they're still at school! We are definitely happy to be joining [...]

Simple and Fun Ideas for Summer Holidays!

You're either the kind of parent who loves Summer Holidays or hates them and can't wait to get them back to school! Either way we all need ideas to keep the kids entertained! Just before our summer holidays start, we sit down and write a 'Summer Bucket List'. Here is our one from last year: [...]