35 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

We LOVE summer….but it does call for more entertainment needed, as the kids aren’t in school. These are a list of ideas of activities that we enjoy doing in the Summer – in no particular order!

1. Visit a Park

2. Visit a Beach

3. Splash in a Stream

4. Leaf Rubbings

5. Water Flight

6. Chalk Drawings

7. Water Painting

8. Garden Assault Course

9. Climb a Tree

10. Visit the Library

11. Visit a Museum

12. Wash the Car

13. Run Through a Sprinkler

14. Throw Water Balloons

15. Make a Puppet Show

16. Make Paper Aeroplanes

17. Make Paper Sail Boats

18. Go Swimming

19. Have a Fire Pit

20. Build a Den (inside and out!)

21. Have a Picnic

22. Make Ice Pops

23. Go Fishing

24. Movie Night

25. P.J Day

26. Dance in the Rain

27. Visit a Farm

28. Make a Bird Feeder

29. Go on a Bike Ride

30. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

31. Visit Family/Friends

32. Craft ChallengeĀ 

33. Put on a Show in the Garden

34. Make Ice-Cream

35. Make Ice Lollies


These are a few of our favourite things to do. What are your favourites?

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