Fun Colour Sorting Activity for Young Kids

So Freckled Face number 4 is loving getting arty and crafty! This morning I really needed to clean the kitchen, so I set up a little activity for her, which she absolutely LOVED and cried when she had finished it! Haha

I decided to write the colours on the paper because I wanted her to trace over the letters with her finger before getting to the sorting and gluing. (Working on her pre-writing skills!) You can use different coloured paper if you would rather though.

This activity is good for motor skills, sorting skills, and you can also talk about colours, textures and size.

Here is what you’ll need for this colour sorting activity

  • Paper (either white or different coloured paper)
  • Felt tip pens (optional-depending on whether you want to write the colours on the paper)
  • A selection of different colours, textures and sizes of bits and bobs for them to stick onto the paper. (We had feathers, felt shapes and pom pom balls)
  • PVA glue in a pot
  • Paint brush or a paint sponge brush.
  • Apron

Teaching toddler colours. Colour sorting. Preschool crafts. 4 Freckled Faces

What to do

Get your child to identify the colours.

Let them choose which colour they want to do first.

Let them get creative!

As they choose the different materials/objects to match and stick on, talk to them about what it feels like and looks like too.

Teaching a 2 yr old colours. Toddler crafts. Sorting colours.

When they have finished, let the pictures dry and display them in all the glory! 😉

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