School’s Out For Summer!

Today was the kids last day of this school year! I know, we’re pretty late to the party, right!? It seems everyone else finished last week! The kids have had a great last few days though, so they haven’t seemed to be bothered that they’re still at school! We are definitely happy to be joining the ‘Summer Holidays’ party though!

Bring on the late nights, lazy mornings, fun and games, veggin’ at home days and all the other things going on this summer!

We are S O.  V E R Y.  R E A D Y.

Today was also the last day of Pre-School/Nursery for Freckled Face number 3! In September I will have no midday nursery run!? I get so excited thinking about all the things I can do without that midday nursery school run! I can venture off with number 4 for the day…..We can go somewhere that is more than 1 mile away! Just think of the possibilities!!

Whilst I’m excited for no midday nursery school run…I’m also a little sad. She is growing up on me too, just like her older siblings! I don’t feel like I’ve prepared her enough for school…..and I only have 6 weeks to get her prepped! I’ve tried to prep her….but she’s never been interested in learning anything……unless it’s how to be a diva and give as much sass and attitude as possible! Wish me luck!!

Anyways, we have a lot planned this summer…including a trip to Scotland, meeting up with family, parties, days out and lazy days. Stay tuned to find out what we get up to!

Sunny evening. Kid on a slide. Bubbles. 4 freckled faces.
We kicked the summer holidays off by coming home and playing in the garden! Sun, bubbles, garden games and ice-cream.

What are you doing this summer? Do you like to have some lazy days, or do you like to have everything scheduled and action packed??

7 thoughts on “School’s Out For Summer!

  1. Looks like you will have an amazing Summer, it will go too quickly. We have just got back from our holiday and realised we have so much planned there is hardly any days for just relaxing and doing nothing! #mainylovessummer

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  2. We have a whole mixture, my OH and one son are off abroad to visit friends for a bit and we are also having lots of beach days and staying with family too. We will also be fitting in both working so its a bit of a juggle:)

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