How to make a Friendship Bracelet! (By a 5yr old!)

Hello!  I am freckled face number 2! I made a friendship braislet  with Mum today  and  I  wanted to show  you how we did it.

Rule 1 – cut the string long enuf to go around your wrist two times.

Rule 2 – you  nead three peesis of string  to make a little plat. Tie a not in the top.

Rule 3- get  5 beeds and put your first beed on the left string. You shud  have one string in the middle and one on the left  and  one on the right .

Rule 4- you do another little plat and then you put your next  beed on.

Rule 5- keep doing that until all your beeds are on the string.

Rule 6- do a long plat then tie it off.😜

Rule  7- tie it around  your  wrist. 😜

I hope you like your friendship braislet and have fun making it like it I did! 😜

Here are some pictures




Thank you for reading.

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