Birthday Cakes

I recently made a cake for Freckled Face number 3's birthday. We were talking about all the cakes we had made over the years and thought we would share some with you. The pictures are not the best quality, but over the years we've had some fun! Let us know in the comments below what [...]


Candy Cane Hearts

Candy Cane Hearts

Whilst this may not be the healthiest snack or treat.... it is a yummy one! What you will need Candy Cane (I used normal size here, but you can use the mini ones for bite size 😉) White chocolate (or whichever chocolate you would prefer) Sprinkles 2 baking trays Baking paper A bowl A spoon [...]

Banana and Blueberry Doughnuts

Our little Freckled Face #3 is a big doughnut fan! So much so that she asked for a doughnut maker for Christmas! She was over the moon when she opened up a mini doughnut maker on Christmas morning! Haha She will eat pretty much anything if it is in doughnut form! We have some fun [...]