Roasted Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Soup

I’m not really a soup fan and nor are the kids. I’ll eat soup, but don’t usually choose it. This soup however, we like! Yum! It is easy to make and healthy. It’s a nice thick soup.


4-5 large Sweet Potatoes

4 Red Peppers

2 Red Onions

600ml Vegetable Stock

A Pinch of Salt (optional….I don’t actually use it, just thought it sounded good!! Haha)

1/4 spoon of Pepper

1/4 spoon of Garlic

Oil….whichever oil (or butter) you use to Roast your potatoes, as this is all it is for.

What to do 

Preheat the oven to 190° …or the temperature you usually use to roast potatoes.

Poor a thin layer of oil in bottom of a large dish and place in the oven to heat up while you prepare the vegetables.

Peel the Sweet Potatoes and cut them in to chunks (about 3 inch chunks, roughly…but doesn’t really matter that much!)

Cut the Red Peppers into chunks

Cut the Red Onion into chunks

Get the dish out of the oven and put all of the vegetables in the dish. Give them a stir and ensure they are all coated in a little oil.

Sweet Potatoes, Red Peppers and Red Onion chopped in big chunks in a roasting tray. Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Soup. 4 Freckled Faces.

Put them in the oven until roasted (usually about 25-35 minutes)

When roasted (and Sweet Potatoes have softened) allow them to cool down a little and make up the 600ml of Vegetable Stock.

Pop it all in a blender with the pepper and garlic. Blend until smooth.

Enjoy with a lovely bread roll!


We hope you like it!

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