Fun in the Snow

We got SNOW!!! This made the last few days of 2020 lots of fun! 4 days of playing in the snow! We are very happy and had lots of fun!

On the first day of snow, there was a lot of snow, but it was still exciting to see and be out it in. We went for a walk around a lake and bumped into some friends…..and a few snowballs were exchanged!

On the second day, there was quite a bit more snow. so we stayed and played in our garden and down our street. We built a snowgirl, had snowball fights, attempted to build an igloo, built a little ramp/bump to go over on the sledge and did that for hours and hours! With a hot chocolate half way through to keep as going!

On the third day, we found a big hill (when I say found, I mean a kind friend told us to head there!) and we spent the morning sledging! It was SO MUCH FUN and SOOOO PRETTY there. We put a little video together – you can find it on our YouTube Channel, or click here to go straight to it!

The fourth day was New Years Eve, so we headed out for a morning walk and play. We took the sledge with us just in case we found a little hill….which we did – a slope going down to a disused restaurant car park! Not the most scenic, or safest of places, but it was fun and we took every precaution to make it as safe as possible!

We’ve had so much fun! We hope to see more snow this winter!

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