5 Sunny Day Garden Activities for Kids!

The weather here in England is finally starting to heat up and be a little drier! Here are some fun, cheap and easy ideas for garden activities for kids.

Water Painting

This is a great activity for all ages! All you need is a pot of water, a paintbrush and an area to paint on!


The sun dries it out pretty quick – so the area doesn’t need to be huge! We practice our shapes, letters, numbers, drawing and we sometimes paint our shadows!

Sand Molding

There are so many different types of sand now. One of our favourites is kenetic sand, or sand that stays together so it’s easier to mold. We found a cheaper version and think it’s great! There is little mess and lots of fun!


Shadow Drawing

We love animals,we love shadows and we enjoy drawing. This is one of our “go to” things to do. Take pencils, paper, animals and a big book to lean on outside. Stand an animal all the paper and draw around it’s shadow! Try not to move the animal or paper – it can be pretty tricky!


Chalk Drawings

A classic! All you need is chalk and a path, driveway or chalkboard. We do ‘free draw’ where we draw whatever we want and sometimes we have a theme. We have drawn around each other, drawn different flags, numbers, letters, flowers, etc.


Make Wild Pictures

Take a look around the garden and collect items that you will be able to make a picture with. You’ll need some paper and glue/cellotape. Get creative!


We also like to have picnics, read books, jump on the trampoline, play on the slide, climb on the climbing frame, look for bugs and draw pictures in the garden.

What kind of things do you like to do in the garden?



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