Waterworld During COVID-19

We were fortunate enough to be invited to a media event at Waterworld, in Stoke-on-Trent. What a place!! There was something for everyone, and we all really enjoyed our time there.

After we parked and got in the queue, we had our temperatures taken before entering the building. Everyone was encouraged to keep 2m apart, and it was all set up as a one way system. We went into the changing rooms, after sanitizing our hands, and got ready to go in the pools. Before entering the swimming pools we showered, and then walked into so see a whole lot of the fun waiting to be had!

When we walked into the pool area the kids faces were brilliant!! “EPIC!!” “AWESOME!” “SICK!” (in a good way!) were just some of the words used! Jaws dropped to the floor and eyes were almost bulging out of their sockets! Super excited and we couldn’t wait to get in and have some fun! There was something for everyone!

Throughout our time there, all the rules were being kept, it was clean and we felt safe. The staff were friendly and professional. We really enjoyed the Wave Machine, Jacuzzi (outside), Lily Pads and all the Slides we went on.

There was a viewing area, for those who don’t want to swim, and you can buy food and drink in there too. We didn’t actually get around to buying anything, as we were having so much fun, it didn’t cross our minds!

We would definitely recommend visiting Waterworld!

just a little snippet from our Stories on Instagram!

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