What is someone with Cancer meant to look like?  — hellsbells1981’s Blog

I had to share my friends post. I'm so proud of and impressed by her! So I am 30 something living with a Cancer diagnosis since April 2018. I currently in active curative treatment, praying super hard that I am going to receive the outcome the medical professionals and everyone around me seem so positive [...]

Mental Health Day – Looking After your Mental Health

October 10th is Mental Health Day. Mental Health is something we all need to be aware of and work on. You may feel like you have not had any mental health illnesses or issues, but whether we have or not; we all need to look after our mental health, and help look after and encourage [...]

4 Surefire Ways To Make People Smile!

4 Surefire Ways To Make People Smile!

One of our favourite things to do is make people smile. Whether we know them or not! It makes us smile and feel happy when we have done something to make someone smile. We thought we would share a few things with you that we do to make others smile. 1. Smile at them I [...]