Keeping Fit Together

So…. by “keeping fit together” I mean the kids keeping fit and we are trying to get fit again! I’ve always been pretty active with sports and dancing, but 4 kids and 3 c-sections later…..I am nowhere near as fit as I want to be.


It’s pretty tricky finding time to exercise and prepare meals and snacks, etc. We try to fit it into day to day life and do it together. The kids enjoy helping to prepare food and they also love any form of exercise (so far! I am well aware that that could change).

The Daily Mile

There is a great programme that the kids school are involved in. It’s called ‘The Daily Mile‘ head over to the webpage and check it out. It’s a worldwide programme!

We walk at least a mile every day, I like walking and would happily walk for a lot longer…in the right footwear! Two days a week, our kids school encourages the pupils, along with their families, to spend 20 minutes before school to run or walk laps around the field. For each lap you finish you get an elastic band. A certain amount of bands (laps) equates to a mile. There is always a really good turn out of all different ages and abilities. I’ll be honest, there are some mornings when I’m hoping that it will be raining so they have to cancel it! Haha! It’s fine if my husband is around to do it too, but if he is away it is difficult.

So this is my first step to getting fit again! What will my next step be?? Stay tuned for more and feel free to offer suggestions in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!

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