One Special Day

After this weekend we have been left feeling so very blessed/lucky, grateful, cared for and loved! I hope you don’t mind me sharing!

As I mentioned in my ‘About Me‘ page, we are members of ‘The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ or more commonly known as ‘Mormons’. (If you want to find out more, head over to  Our freckled face number 1 turned 8 last week. In our faith that means you’e old enough to get baptised. It was important to us that he didn’t feel that he was being made to be baptised or felt pressured in any way. We asked him to have a think about it and decide if he wanted to be baptised. After some reading, asking questions and praying about it, he decided he did want to be baptised. When we asked him why, he said “…because Jesus was baptised and I want to be like Him. He told us to be baptised too.” He had other reasons too and we discussed it for a while, but I loved that line most. I love that my kids often remind me that Jesus Christ is such a good example to us and has so many good qualities that we should be trying to emulate. Whether you have a faith or not; wanting to be the best you that you can be and following good examples is always a good thing, right?!

Anyway, after the decision came the planning! When it comes to planning things for one of our little freckled faces, I like to get them involved. I do it for a few reasons;

  1. It’s for them
  2. To teach them how to plan
  3. To teach them how much effort and preparation goes in to events. Hopefully they will appreciate and be grateful for everything other people have done when they go to events.

There is a song from primary about baptism and it has the line ‘I like to look for rainbows whenever there is rain, and ponder on the beauty of the earth made clean again….’ . From this, he decided that he wanted a rainbow theme! He then gave me a list of what he wanted everything to look like and all the food and drink he wanted, including how he wanted the cake to look! I LOVED watching him think about it all.

Photo Collage_20180501_135600055.jpg

(I am so sad that I didn’t take any photos! Luckily my sister got quite a few!)

He also planned who was doing what in the service and contacted people to ask them. When did he grow up so much???

This whole event has left us feeling very proud of our little man, and so grateful to have so many people who care for and support him and us!

Thanks for reading!

*Edit*  (I wanted to include these pictures my sister also took!)

It was a nice excuse for my parents to get a picture with all of their grandkids too! It doesn’t happen often so they wanted to show their best sides!


He was also lucky enough to have lots of his cousins and my cousin’s kids there too, not all of them but a lot of them!


3 thoughts on “One Special Day

  1. How moving that your Freckled Face #1 wanted to be baptized because he wanted to be more like Jesus. The world would be a much better place if more people followed Jesus’ teachings — especially those on love and charity. Blessings to your family!

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