What a week!

Recently, my husband got a new job.  With the new job comes 8 weeks of training….in a different part of the country. So while he is away in the week I will be having my respect for single parents strengthened!

This week has been the first week. It’s gone surprisigly well! Very busy, but I managed to accomplish things, and we’re all still alive! A SUCCESS! As always, with highs there have been lows/stressful times.


For those of you who know the littlest freckled face (pictured above), you know she has ‘trouble’ and ‘cheeky’ written all over her! She runs off and hides at any chance. She is a master at it! I could sneeze and when I open my eyes, she’d be gone! Sometimes #3 and #4 tag team and both do it…in different directions! So I count every day a success if I haven’t lost either of them! Haha

Other than the usual wake up, breakfast, get ready for school, school runs, lunch, homework, dinner, bedtime, washing, iron, cleaning, etc, etc I’ve also had to take all the kids to each others’ clubs; piano, athletics and gymnastics. Today was manic! Not enough hours in the day! Because of the severe lack of time before gymnastics, I decided to take the kids to “The Golden Arches” (Yes, ok McDonald’s! It makes me feel better about giving them fast-food if I make the place sound nicer! Haha 😉 ) Shhh don’t tell my husband! Anyway, one of the staff was so very helpful; she absolutely made my day! She could see that I was a bit concerned leaving the kids at the table, especially as it was pretty busy, so after I placed the order she came over and offered to wait for our order and bring it over to us so that I could go back to the kids! It may not seem like a big thing to everyone, but it was so nice to have a stranger think about how they could be helpful! She also noticed when we were finished and helped me clean up. I thanked her before we ran out of the door and rushed to gymnastics, but I wish I got her name and gave her boss great feedback about her!

I am so grateful for her thoughtfulness and kindness and I will be paying it forward!

Thanks for reading!

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