The Lake District

Last year we took a last minute trip to the the Lake District. We went online and found a cool little Hobbit Hole to stay in at The Quiet Site.

Hobbit Hole - Lake District - Glamping - The Quiet Site - 4 Freckled Faces

It was so much fun! The kids absolutely LOVED it! It was a great experience for all of us. Inside was very basic; a bathroom, a bench and one really big bed area…. but what more do you need for a weekend away?? The view was beautiful! We loved sitting outside and eating breakfast, watching the sun come up higher over the hills. The site was nice and the staff were friendly, but to be honest we didn’t stay on site, we ventured off to explore the beautiful scenery of the Lake District.

Lake District - scenery - landscape

Lake District - 4 Freckled Faces

We stopped in at Aira Force and enjoyed the adventure we had there. Wow! So many beautiful sights! We also found that money does actually grow on trees!! (If only it were of the paper kind!)

Money tree - Lake

It’s not a buggy friendly place so strong walking legs and a carrier for those who can’t walk are needed for this place!

We also spent some time at Wray Castle. Lots of fun for the kids! I personally, probably wouldn’t bother going if I didn’t have young kids…we do and we very glad we went!

Wray castle - Lake District - history - knights and princesses - 4 Freckled Faces

Not only do they get to dress up as Knights and Princesses in a castle, but they also get to play in the fun Peter Rabbit themed rooms and the other activity rooms!

There is so much to do as well as all the beautiful scenery to take in. We would definitely recommend visiting this stunning area of England!

I’ll pop some photos on our Instagram and Facebook pages soon, if you want more of an idea!

Thanks for reading!

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